Enterprise WordPress Development

Enjoy the power and flexibility of WordPress without compromising on governance, scalability or security.

Build with proven, open technologies

WordPress is known and loved by millions of web professionals across the Internet because it’s so light weight, flexible and easy to use. But out of the box, it’s not suitable for enterprise environments because of governance, scalability and security concerns.

The Higher Metric team has 10+ years of experience successfully implementing WordPress in enterprise environments. We can help you get the best of both worlds.

How we help

New Builds & Site Overhauls

We’ll help you architect, design, build and scale your institution, school, department or student organization site network

Continuous Development

After your website has been built, we’ll help you manage maintenance and upgrades throughout its lifecycle. This might include security or software patches, reacting to fixes/changes that your team requests, or more proactive changes based on analytics insights and feature roadmaps that we’ll create together.

Are you ready to go higher?

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