User Experience (UX) Strategies

User experience (UX) strategies help you create guided, personalized experiences for each user who engages with your brand online.

Creating unique connections

When a potential student, parent or supporter lands on your website, you want them to immediately feel a connection. The challenge you face as a higher education institution is how to create a unique connection for each of the personas that interact with your site, all with different interests, wants and needs.

Before you can create a unique way to hook your users, you need to understand what’s really important to them. At Higher Metric, we help you map user personas and understand how they engage with your site. This helps you make informed decisions while we build out the architecture for the new website. Once this is complete, it’s time to add data-driven design touches and move your site on to development.

How we help

UX Audit & Persona Mapping

We use a variety of tools, techniques, and industry knowledge to create a holistic map of your current digital presence. We dissect the messaging, user journeys, and overall site performance to understand your current strengths and weaknesses. Using this information, we then develop user personas to dive into behaviors, motivations and needs. The collection of this data allows your school to create personalized digital experiences for your users, and supports data-driven decision making moving forward.

Enrollment Optimization

We understand the complexity involved in the higher education online enrollment process. Our goal is to remove those barriers and streamline this journey to improve your student experience and increase overall enrollment numbers.

Site Architecture & Design

User and data-driven architecture, along with design, is a key component to a holistic digital experience. Using the information from your user personas, as well as knowledge of how to guide user journeys, we create a custom website tailored to your audience. Every component, from button placement to call to actions, serves a purpose in guiding your students through a personalized conversion experience.

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