Measurement and Analytics

Tracking and analyzing user activity allows you to learn from past engagement while continuously making data-driven improvements.

Every visit counts

You’ve likely seen a website report that showed you traffic metrics like users, sessions, and bounce rate, among other things. But how does this translate into actionable next steps? At Higher Metric, we work with you to understand what your goals are, and then help you develop a strategy that turns reporting activities into opportunities for insight.

How we help

Total Measurement Review

The Total Measurement Review is a small consulting engagement designed to help schools improve measurement of digital marketing activities, and thereby improve the activities themselves. The engagement includes:

  • A professional diagnostic evaluation of the marketing data you’re collecting and the metrics/analytics systems/processes you’re currently following, including a review of how that stacks up against what other schools are doing
  • A half day of expert in-person training for you and your team about what to measure and why, how to get and keep clean data, best practices for visualizing and extracting insights from data and how to maintain a culture of measurement
  • A professionally-facilitated workshop with your team to help you determine and get aligned on what you should be measuring
  • A prescribed set of dashboards and review processes tailored exclusively to your organization that you will use to make sense of your data on an ongoing basis

The price for a Total Measurement Review is $5,000 (on-site) / $4,000 (remote) and an engagement typically takes 4-8 weeks to complete

Ongoing Analytics & Insights

For institutions that already have a strong measurement model in place, we can help you regularly review and act on analytics insights at a cadence that makes sense for your organization.

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