Marketing Automation

Marketing automation realizes the greatest opportunity of digital marketing: personalization and relationship building at scale.

As personal as digital gets

Marketing automation is about identifying individuals and communicating targeted messages to them based on their web activity. While any of your digital marketing activities can benefit from individual automation, the impact is multiplied when combined across multiple channels. Before you can effectively automate your marketing, though, you need to first build out segments within your user base.

Once you have measurement tools set in place to analyze who’s interacting with your online properties, you can segment them based on the observed behavior. Over time, this allows you to tailor content and messaging in a much more personal way. A user’s activity indicates what programs they are interested in, what student resources interest them, their relation to the school, and more. They move themselves into new segments and invite new messages within your marketing landscape, priming themselves for you to reach out personally and elevate the relationship.

How we help

Platform Automation

We take your current marketing efforts and streamline them across the appropriate channels based on your marketing objectives. Using your current user data, we then work with you to set up the foundation of your automation for message scheduling by behavior-based segmentation.

Messaging Funnels & Testing

Once we set up the foundation for your automated marketing, we implement messaging A/B testing for your different user personas. Based on their engagement with the different channels, we create tailored messages when they meet engagement thresholds or perform specific actions.

Identify Engaged Prospects

Using the user data and engagement, we can help your team identify individuals for personal follow-up once they interact in certain ways with your content. By targeting the most engaged users, cost-per-student acquisition goes down. Your marketing and recruiting budget goes towards likely prospects, and conversion rate increases.

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