WPCampus 2017 – WordPress in Higher Ed

We’re excited to announce our sponsorship at WPCampus this July 14-15 in Buffalo, NY.

WPCampus has put together some great resources for the community, from their annual survey of WordPress use in higher education to the archive of content they’re amassing via in-person and digital conferences. They’re well on their way to meeting their stated objective:

“Our goal is to provide a wealth of knowledge for anyone who’s interested in using WordPress and allow people to share and learn about WordPress in the world of higher education.”

This is a really vibrant community, and we encourage you to check out what they’re doing to move WordPress forward in Higher Ed.

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Also, our Principal Strategist John Gough will be speaking about how to use the WordPress REST API to power campus communications. WordPress offers a friendly and familiar admin interface that can be leveraged across all kinds of implementations like websites, kiosks, or apps to maintain a single unified database of content.

Make sure to stop by and say hi to the Higher Metric team!