CRO is a waste of time for your school

Here are two reasons conversion optimization is probably a waste of money for your school, plus three processes you might try instead.   We’ve said before that your .edu site is for prospective students. Moving them from “silent consideration” to “ready-to-apply” is a critical challenge. And when you’re trying to squeeze every last precious application […]

User Experience Medallions: fixing real problems with small solutions

When people struggle to use a website, it would be easy to think of the problems they encounter as “their own fault." They should understand the site better, why are they not looking in the right place? But to blame them would be like blaming the ceiling for getting covered in candle soot. Our job is to understand and respect their problems, so we can look for ways to mitigate them. When we do that, they trust us more, we connect with them, and everyone wins.

7 Steps to Building a Home (or a Website)

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The website design and development process is very much like building a house. There are lots of ways people can build a home to fit your unique needs, just like there are lots of ways to create a website to fit your school’s needs. Here are the seven steps to a successful home building, or website, project.