7 Steps to Building a Home (or a Website)

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The website design and development process is very much like building a house. There are lots of ways people can build a home to fit your unique needs, just like there are lots of ways to create a website to fit your school’s needs. Here are the seven steps to a successful home building, or website, project.

Continuous Development: The Solution to Your Web Dev Pains

What is continuous development? Continue development is one of the most significant things schools can do to dramatically improve their web presence and actually reduce their overall marketing costs is to begin practicing continuous website development. It’s the concept of, yes, continuously, updating and making changes to your website on a regular basis. This approach is in […]

How To: Safeguard Your Site in 3 Easy Steps

So you launched your site and you’re ready to start promoting it. But, before you worry about content strategy and growing your market share, have you taken the proper steps to protect your brand new website? Crashing servers, conflicting code, and nefarious hackers wreak havoc on unsuspecting websites. In 2013, as many as 30,000 websites […]

What is an SSL and why do you need one?

An SSL Certificate is the way you connect securely to websites online. If you run a website and need to secure data as it transfers to your users, you need an SSL. As a user, it’s worth knowing a little bit more about how your data stays safe as it zips around the Internet. What […]