We build more beautiful, useful, and connected web properties for schools

Over the last 10 years, we’ve built sites and executed digital marketing campaigns for organizations of all sizes. Clients like Arizona State University and the Massachusetts Education Finance Authority turned to the team behind Higher Metric to deploy custom, high-end solutions that pushed their messages to new audiences. Building a more beautiful, useful, and connected Internet drives us.

Despite technical challenges and political hurdles, we believe that helping students find the best college for them can make a real difference in a person’s life and improve our society. When facing the monumental choice of which school to attend, improving communication between school and student helps everyone make better decisions. Getting school selection right matters.

So we’re focusing on how to build a better school website, and how to craft digital messaging that has real impact. And we’re using industry-leading technologies to make each contact with prospective students more effective than ever.

We’re Higher Metric, and we want to help your school personalize marketing communication at scale, driving better cohorts, higher retention rates, and more engaged supporters.

John Gough, Principal

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